CyberEnterprise business OS - Getting started

CyberEnterprise business OS - Getting started

This documentation is intended to help you to get a quick start with the CyberEnterprise business OS from ClassiX® and to get to know its functionality in the process. At the same time, the documentation can be used as a reference book by experienced users. It is divided into the following sections:


Here you will find an overview of the basic architecture of the entire CyberEnterprise business OS and the embedding of the enterprise model.

CyberEnterprise model classes
This section individually describes all C++ classes of the CyberEnterprise enterprise model and shows their inheritance structure.

Business Patterns

A description of model classes would be incomplete if the collaboration of the classes with each other were not also shown. On some selected examples the relations of the classes to each other are shown and explained.

Special topics of the CyberEnterprise business OS are addressed in this section.