On these pages, developers will find information and instructions for creating their own apps with our script language InstantView®.

For administrators, there is information on technical details of installation, administration, configuration and the structure of the ClassiX® overall system.

For developers

The ClassiX architecture allows to create applications in the shortest time. This is made possible by a high degree of coherence and a runtime that abstracts from technical details.

ClassiXArchitektur En

CyberEnterprise business OS
The runtime for the execution of ClassiX applications provides a multitude of ready-made classes and technologies that can be used via uniform interfaces.

InstantView script language
ClassiX applications are written in our own scripting language, which is tailor-made as DSL for our architecture.

ClassiX applications are written only once, regardless of whether they are to run as native desktop application, in the web browser or as app on the mobile device. The MorphIT technology represents the user interface on the corresponding medium.

The architecture of ClassiX® is characterized by a consistent implementation of the object-oriented paradigm. Due to the high demands on the flexibility of the overall system, this paradigm is continued into the database.


For administrators

For questions before and during the first installation of a ClassiX system, helpful information pages are available in addition to our support.

Once the ClassiX system is running, the information stored here will help to operate it.